Travel and Art

The Real World is not the Only World :    India Dreams by Nina Hauser

Event date: Saturday, October 3,2020  USA: 11 am EST / India: 8:30 pm IST

This is what Nina says about herself in her website:

“I photograph what attracts  me and what moves me…whether it be the subject matter, the way something reacts with light, the way it flows and changes, the way it makes me feel.

I photograph to remember…to capture a moment in time.  Photography takes me on journeys that enhance and influence my work.

I photograph to share my experience and my vision with others.

I am addicted to the creative process….being in a state where everything comes together in an instant and fills me with a sense of fulfillment and joy….”


All the images in this collection are composites of images she had taken in India using her iPhone, edited on an iPad. In  her photographs, she moves people and animals from where she found them into her  own version of Indian Mughal paintings, using either copies of paintings or her own photographs.