Art for Social Change

Event date: Sunday, October 11,2020  USA: 11 am EST / India: 8:30 pm IST

Dr. Bonolata Sen will describe two public health projects she conducted in India using art as a medium of participation, engagement, and empowerment. 

Kheti, Khana, aur Hum (Farming, Food and Us) was a public engagement initiative on the complex issue of food and nutrition in India. Using Truck Art as a medium of expression, Art students from Chandigarh presented their grasp of modern-day farming practices and its impact on health and the environment, gained by interaction with farmers and scientists. 

(Photo Credit: Creative Commons, Adam Cohn)

Community Health and Empowerment was a project with the youth of the marginalized Paniya tribe to build community resilience after the devastating 2018 Kerala floods. They were given cameras to record, reflect, process, and share their lived experiences. They held two exhibitions to share and connect with the wider Wayanad community.   

(Photo Credit: Shreeja)


Bonolata Sen, PhD, MPH

I am a public health practitioner with an interest in using participatory approaches to address global environmental and public health challenges. After 15 years of working on environmental health research, policy, regulation, and outreach at US EPA and NIH, I returned to India four years ago to work with communities and to understand their vulnerabilities and resilience in the face of major environmental threats. I use art to engage with and create a sense of ownership amongst my stakeholder communities.