Music and Spoken Word

Quiet Contemplation – Sudeshna basu and Manjula Kumar

Event date: Saturday, October 17,2020  USA: 11 am EST / India: 8:30 pm IST

In this piece,  Sudeshna and Manjula weave  together poems and songs of Rabindranath Tagore. The world is going through a difficult time, we all feel  isolated and insecure. So we begin with a healing through  prayer,  follow it up  by a piece depicting self contentment through simple pleasures in life. The final piece is about life’s fulfillment through quiet and solitude.


Dr.Sudeshna Basu divides her time between mathematics and music. She is  a professor of mathematics  at RKMVERI  on one hand and an ICCR empanelled artist on the other. Dr.Basu has directed and collaborated with many musicians and actors  and recorded many cd’s. She has  performed all across North America and Europe.Misson in life Promoting peace and harmony through music.



Manjula Kumar is an actor educator director and arts activist. She was the former director of Educational programs at the Smithsonian institution .Currently the executive director at global Performing arts. Mission in life Education of arts through the arts.