Movie and Music

Satyajit Ray as a Film Composer

by Aniruddho Sanyal

Event date: Sunday, October 25,2020  USA: 11 am EST / India: 8:30 pm IST

The multifaceted genius of Satyajit Ray knew no bounds – he was an illustrator par excellence, a writer of bestseller detective stories and science fiction, developer of new typefaces and a giant of world cinema. In his films, as he gained experience, he took on more and more aspects of his production: including manning the camera and composing his own music. Music, he said, was his first love and he increasingly lavished attention to his creativity in this area. This video takes looks back at its novel, impactful and yet sparing usage in his films.

Aniruddho Sanyal is a maker of documentary films on themes of interest to the Indian diaspora that he encounters in course of his professional travels as a consultant and software developer for the banking industry. He creates his documentaries for YouTube and other social media. He is an ardent admirer of Satyajit Ray and has an extensive collection of films and interviews on him.



Image© Nemai Ghosh