Art Talks

New this year is a series of Art Talks, featuring interesting illustrated talks by art history scholars. They bring unique views into and interpretations of the arts.

Jamini Roy and Byzantine Art

Event date: Sunday, October 18,2020  USA: 11 am EST / India: 8:30 pm IST

Dr. Paroma Chatterjee, professor of Art History at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, will present an interesting talk on the connections between well-known Indian artist Jamini Roy and Byzantine Art.

Jamini Roy was an Indian painter best known for combining traditional Indian and Western art styles to create unique, complex works.






Event date: Saturday, October 10,2020  USA: 11 am EST / India: 8:30 pm IST

Dr. Pika Ghosh, visiting professor of religion at Haverford College will present a talk on Kantha:

In Bengal, mothers swaddle their infants and cover their beds in colorful textiles that are passed down through generations. They create these kantha from layers of soft, recycled fabric strengthened with running stitches and use them as shawls, covers, and seating mats.

Dr. Ghosh’s new book, Making Kantha, Making Home explores the social worlds shaped by the Bengali kantha that survive from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In the first study of colonial-period women’s embroidery that situates these objects historically and socially, Pika Ghosh brings technique and aesthetic choices into discussion with iconography and regional culture.