Festival 2021-2022

For the second year in a row, Rasa Festival will be fully virtual. While we miss in-person music concerts, dance and theater performances, art exhibitions, poetry readings, talks, workshops and film screenings as much as all of you, being online has opened new vistas for us as well. We have been able to connect with and showcase the work of artists from different parts of the world as well as view new works by them. 

This year, our format will be a little different. Instead of the entire festival being held in the fall season, we will present one or two in-depth events monthly, spread out over the next several months. In addition to presenting new work by artists, we will engage them in short but meaningful discussions about the process behind their work and their inspiration to create new work.

Please watch this space for more information on interesting events in dance, music, theater, film, and poetry. We look forward to bringing you another deeply engaging festival.

Festival 2021-2022 Events:

November 13, 2021
Film Showcase
December 11, 2021
Dance Showcase
January 15, 2022
Dance Films Showcase
January 29, 2022
Solo Theater

February 12, 2022
Music Showcase

February 26, 2022
Odissi Dance
March 12, 2022
Visual Art Showcase

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