A new Odissi dance production by Akshara: an exploration of the ancient concepts of Hindu philosophy: creation, panchabhuta (the five elements) and moksha (liberation)


36918939_2080313388679706_5088643665656545280_oAn innovative production in the Odissi style, Sambhuti is an exploration of some of the most profound philosophical concepts from the ancient Vedas and Upanishads. It has been conceived, scripted and choreographed by Sreyashi Dey, using techniques of Odissi, along with other movements, classical and new music, and Vedic chanting. The narrative for this performance focuses on the concepts of creation, the five elements (panchabhuta) and moksha.

Sambhuti is a dynamic and moving new performance of striking beauty.

Watch a rehearsal video – click and drag/scroll around with your mouse or finger to get a full 360 view:

Choreography: Sreyashi Dey
Concept, and scripts for dance/music and narration: Sreyashi Dey
Dancers: Sreyashi Dey, Soumi Ghosh, Sampurna Dutta, Ayishwariya Premanathan and Shruti Paranjape
Music: Sandipan Gangopadhyay, Ramchandra Behera
Vocals and chanting: Dr. Subhadra Desai