Film Festival 2017

Rasa Film Festival

Sunday, September 17
12:30-5:30 pm
Keene Theater
East Quad
701 E University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
University of Michigan

$13 general
$8 students

– Feature film: Court (2 hours)

Court is a 2014 Indian independent legal drama film, written and directed by Chaitanya Tamhane in his directorial debut. Featuring a cast of newcomers, the film examines the Indian legal system through the trial of an ageing folk singer at a Sessions Court in Mumbai.

Court premiered at the 71st Venice International Film Festival on 4 September 2014,where it won the Best Film in the Horizons category and the Luigi De Laurentiis (Lion Of The Future) award for Tamhane.Jay Weissberg of Variety described the film as “an impressive debut that flays alive India’s judicial system thanks to an intelligent, superbly understated script.”The film went on to win 18 other awards at film festivals, including honours at the Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Vienna, Antalya, and Singapore film festivals. In 2015, the film won the Best Feature Film award at the 62nd National Film Awards, which honoured films released in 2014.

Court theatrically released in India on 17 April 2015.The film was selected as India’s official submission for the 88th Annual Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

Break – 30 mins

– Documentary – Nero’s Guests (1 hour)
– 6 Short films (about 1.5 hours)
  • waGaH
    13min. 30 sec. / HDV / 2009
    Written and directed by Supriyo Sen, India
    Produced by Detail Films, Germany Producers: Fabian Gasmia and Henning Kamm

“Wagah is a manifesto against any wall that divides people.” – Wim Wenders

Synopsis: Every evening, the only border crossing along the 3323 km frontier between India and Pakistan becomes the site of an extraordinary event. Border guards on both sides orchestrate a parade to lower the flags. Thousands of people gather to witness the ritual and afterwards the masses move as close to the gate as possible to greet their former neighbours. The film looks through the eyes of three children who sell DVDs of the parade to the onlookers. With a dream of crossing the border they remain quite unmoved by all the ‘patriotic’ madness around them. Camera: Ranu Ghosh Sound: Abdul Rajjak Editing: Szilvia Ruszev Producers: Henning Kamm and Fabian Gasmia (Detail Film, Hamburg)

  • My Hero (Silent Film)

Director: Vikas Patel
Run Time: 08:45
Country of Origin: USA (Michigan).
Logline: My Hero is a film about an importance of love and attention needed in one’s life. Because, one of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of love and attention.

  • Valery’s Suitcase

Director: Arshad Khan
Run Time: 13:55
Country of Origin: Canada
Logline: Navid works a remedial job in a sleepy Quebec town but his life changes upon the discovery of an abandoned suitcase with an unusual secret.

  • Daali (Attack)

Director: Medini Kelamane
Run Time: 21:00
Language: Kannada
Country of Origin: India (Karnataka)
Logline: an encounter between a lady passenger and a bus conductor in a jam packed bus in rural India. This film rises question on gender issues. This short film is based on Smt Vaidehi’s short story.

  • The Standoff (Thesis film)

Director: Srini Gujjula
Run Time: 13:45
Country of Origin: USA (Michigan)
Logline: : A story of a young man who struggles to find his life back which was lost in the depths of addiction.

  • Interlude

Director: Ashray Dravidian
Run Time: 16:00
Country of Origin: USA (Michigan)
Logline: Using a mystical eye drop story teller David O’Moses travels deep into his dreams to fine the reason behind the guilt which is haunting his waking life and to see what is lurking in the dark corners of his mind.

The film festival is presented in partnership with Association for India’s Development (AID), Ann Arbor, a day of film screenings, including feature, documentaries and short films.